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Okay tumblr, this is one of my really good friends, Sheena and her mom Mary Paden.

Her mom passed away on Monday 4/21/14 after battling cancer for over a year. Sheena doesn’t know I’m doing this but she is completely devastated about everything. Her mom was her best friend and she was such an amazing, strong, and caring women.

It’s such a stressful time for Sheena as well because she’s 7 months pregnant. The money she had saved for the baby will now have to pay for her mom’s funeral. It’s extremely important for Sheena to stay positive, not only for herself, but for her baby.

I’m here to ask for your help, even if it’s just a dollar or two. If you can’t donate, I ask that you please reblog this and help spread the word. Sheena needs help more than ever now.

I’ve seen this site do amazing things when people are in need and my friend is in a lot of need.All of the donations will be going to her and her family.

Thank you so much for your help.







Amen hermanos!

Por qué me río tanto jajajajaja

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