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STEAL HER LOOK - Angry black woman throwing table and catching chairs

  • Gold Angel Wing Earrings - $5.99 (sold at Macys)
  • Ralph Lauren Flowy Box Black Tank Top - $49.00
  • Nordstrom Royal Blue Sleek Leggings - $58.75
  • Hermes Black Birkin Bag - $18,999.00
  • Gold Collar Necklace - $5,989.55 (as worn by Rihanna)
  • Commercial Wooden Foldable Table - $54.35 (including White Lacoste Polyester Knit Tablecloth)
  • Prada Stilettos (optional) - $740.00


so since #FROOT is in exactly a week, here’s  cute n fun little gif meme thing to countdown the days until the release!!!! so make a gifset or photoset for each day and if you do participate tag your posts with #frootweek or #froot week so everybody can see it and y eah

day 1) favorite family jewels music video (tommorrow)

day 2) favorite electra heart music video

day 3) favorite interview

day 4) favorite appearance

day 5) favorite #look

day 6) favorite era

day 7) free choice (whatever u want woo!!!) ((the tenth))

ok yeah have fun!!!!

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MIRA ME MATO Primadonna

(Fuente: s-arkisian)

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